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Eden should leave. This was already ugly. She didn't move, though, some inexplicable force keeping her firmly planted in front of Kinsay James.

If Eden were privy to Kinsay's thoughts, there would have been a lot she wanted to say. Like how Eden used to hang out with her whole soccer team and get pizza or how she had school friends and sleepovers all the time or how she USED to be cool and fun to be around until the whole you're-a-witch-but-not-a-proper-one-you-mudblood thing. Yeah. There were FEELINGS there. Kinsay had clearly had all her friends just HANDED to her, clearly, 'cause what other explanation was there? And when SHE went home in the summer she didn't have to hide anything! She didn't have to hide her chocolate frogs or her wand or come up for an explanation on why she had a textbook labeled 'A History of Magic!'

Something seemed to have shifted in the other girl's expression. Anger? Good. Eden could be angry all day!

"Yeah, I did attack her," Eden admitted freely. "And I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I ever hear her call anyone that word again !"

Eden didn't even START on the rant she had inside her along the lines of how Emmerson was probably just saying what Kinsay wanted to hear. How she'd bet 20 galleons Emmerson hadn't said squat to anyone she'd actually hurt.
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