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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

The skewer that he was eating was not as bad as he thought it would be. Of course, the food that the chef at home made was a hundred times better but for a street food it was reasonably okay and he thought about buying a second one if he was still hungry.

”I’m Batman” he said, rolling his eyes as the RUDE girl raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms. He nonchalantly took another bite from the food, unbothered by her rude manners.

Listening to the girl (Lisa) talk about starting her own side gig at Hogwarts, Daniel had to agree with …the RUDE girl on this. If she wanted the money why not just ask her parents? It was that simple.

But because he had already decided that he did not like the other girl right now, Daniel turned his attention to the girl who wanted to have a side gig at school . ”Don’t listen to her. If you want to have a side gig just do it” Again, he had agreed with the other girl that asking for money was far easier but he did not like agreeing with her. "It should be fun, right?"

Not even caring that the RUDE girl had not offered to buy him popcorn, Daniel ate the last piece of the skewer and threw the stick in the garbage bin next to the stall. He wanted to have another skewer but instead he walked over to the popcorn stall as well and ordered a bag of popcorn BEFORE she could. HA!
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