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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Jackson stood in the comic book section browsing the comics on sale. He did it just to do something. His dad had persuaded him to go along to Diagon Alley with his sister. They both needed to go out and do normal teenage stuff and see their friends, his dad had argued. Staying cooped up in the house just thinking about their dead mother wasnít healthy for either of them. Jackson didnít really feel like seeing any friends or doing anything, but he was still here with Gemma inside the F & B bookstore. Picking up a comic book at random about quidditch, he turned around to go see where his sister was.

With the comic book tucked under his arm Jackson soon found his sister in the self help corner of the bookstore looking sad. "Gemma, are you all right?" he called out worriedly as he approached her. "Have you found any book you'd like to buy?"

Why did he seem so okay? She wondered if he was better at his feeling than her, but she wasn't going to show anything was wrong, no, she was fine, it was fine, everything was fine. "Yes, I'm great, just don't see anything really worth getting. Might see if they have any different photography books than dad has. Cooper might like something new." She hadn't really seen her friends since everything happened, but it was the first thing that had come to her mind.

"I think I'll go over there real quick. Did you find everything you wanted?" She headed towards that section but found the origami section first. "Oh, Hope might like these. Maybe I'll get her a couple that we can work on this summer." She had been spending most her time over there with her and Aunt Nessa anyway, so maybe she could at least bring things over.

"You can pick the next spot after this if you want."
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