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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
The part about the leader of evil cult was known to him. He also knew his name, Lucien Rosier. He also knew that his cult had tried to take over Europe but had failed thanks to Minister Hollingberry. He knew all that because it had been on the wizarding news. What he did not know and wanted to know was what had happened before that battle. Why was his brother still uneasy despite that the cult had fallen? Why was he screaming in his sleep and what kind of nightmares was he having?

”That was unnecessary of him to do” he said , making a face. ”I’m sorry he did that to you” but now on to the REAL question.”But what is crucio’d?” he asked genuinely curious because he had never heard of this before. And he had been reading his first year textbooks already and he could not remember a mention of it anywhere. ”Is it a spell? or a potion?” he asked as he looked down at his bag for a second in which his potions book was inside of.

He wasn’t sure how he felt that Minjae had been mentioning him to others. ”I don’t really appreciate that he has been mentioning me to others though...” he said slowly and with a frown on his face. He did not like it when people already knew who he was before he had even met them.

Daniel grinned as he took note of the Ravenclaw girl turning slightly pink in the face and looked at her feet. But he said nothing about it. Just like when he had noticed that she seemed to be fidgeting with the bracelet around her wrist. ”Rhyming is cool” he said with a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. ”Not many people can do that” He knew he couldn’t.

And noted, she was not a stalker. At least she SAID she wasn’t one.
"mmm well, he did lots of other 'unecessary' and way worse things." Like the room, and the mirrors, and the phycological torture. And the actual torture. "Crucio is a curse. You point your wand at someone, and it's like their nerves are burning. It's torture, and it hurts a lot. Very illegal, obviously. But hey, most of the things he did were very illegal." A couple casts of Crucio could break someone permanently. She did not let go of her wrist. If she kept on like this, she was going to cut off her circulation or something. "Rhyming is cooler when you do it on purpose. I don't want to look like I'm, y'know... yeah." Crazy. She didn't want that. When Ash got put in solitary confinement in a mirror for a while, and didn't come out so great, the last thing she wanted was people thinking she wasn't... alright. Wasn't fine. Etc. People who thought that did the pity thing and the walking-on-eggshells thing. She hated those.

Ash released her wrist, leaving a slight mark. She had been holding it subconsciously, and both her wrist and her left hand had started to not get comfortable. She stretched her fingers nonchalantly. The messages you subconsciously sent were important, and Ash did not need to send the message that she was uncomfortable or that she needed bracelets to function. Nope. Definitely did not need to send that message. Instead she clasped her hands in her lap. That's better. Now she wasn't sending that message anymore.

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