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Default for that kinsay james girl
it's either adhd or wrackspurts <3 <3 lily luna's mom has got it going on

Should she keep walking? Yes.

Did she keep walking? No. Eden was feeling particularly stormy today after being chewed out by her older brother. She hated when they fought, but he needed to learn that she was now a hardened menace-witch and not a little girl anymore. She needed independence so she could THRIVE, not to be watched constantly because ShE AlReaDy CaUsED a SmALL FiRE in the garden shed. Ugh.

She really felt like rubbish when she disappointed him, though. Smelly disgusting rubbish.

Did something just move in there?

Anyway, Eden stopped. Looked right at the Gryffindor who stood about a yard front of her. "Merlin, James, I never thought they day would come that I'd see you off of Cambridge's leash."
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