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Having just left Sugarplum's Sweet Shop, Kinsay was currently working on opening the package of lemon drops she had in hand. Patience wasn't often a trait attributed to Gryffindor's and though Kinsay had a hard time fitting into her House otherwise, this was was one case in which the stereotype did apply. But! In her defense! Why would she buy lemon drops if she wasn't going to eat them right away?!?! That would make absolutely zero sense. Plus, she could always ask her dad for more coins if she needed them - maybe to get some sleepover snacks (Emm always had lots at her house, but Kinsay liked contributing to the stash).

Having unwrapped a few of the sweets (she liked to maximize the SOUR), she popped them into her mouth and made way towards the stinky rubbish bin to throw away the wrappers. Knowing better than to let the stench infect her taste buds, she plugged her nose as she neared.


Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Did something MOVE!?
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