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Default Carried over from the previous Junk Shop thread...
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Originally Posted by Waddles

Still slightly pink and infuriated at her genetic predisposition both to clumsiness and to blushing, Honora was relieved that she'd remembered his name correctly. Even if her name apparently came much more easily to him. "Yes...good to see you, too." she said awkwardly.

She raised her eyebrows at his browsing and girlfriend comments. Who bought their girlfriend a gift at a junk shop? At that point, she thought it'd be better to have something homemade. "You should check out Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes," she suggested, as an alternative. It was a good bet--either he could get her something entertaining, or something useful from one of their...less joking sections.

"Me?" she put the last bird cage back, finally feeling some of the heat leave her face. "I'm here for books. A lot of them have pages missing, but...well, there's usually enough context to guess." Sometimes. If the plot was simple enough. And if it wasn't, she got some added joy from theorizing about what had been on those missing pages. Plus, if they had any children's books, she could grab some for Sophie, and Amelia, when she finally got home.

As for if he could help... "I mean, if you have some unexpected familiarity with the books they have here, I'm open to recommendations..." she said, with a more natural smile than her previous one as she attempted a joke.
For the record, he hadn't come into the junk shop for the purpose of buying Jorgie a gift - he took gift-giving and his girlfriend very seriously. Unfortunately, the former Ravenclaw also had a painful inability to keep on task, so stumbling into this shop was bound to happen. At the rate at which he'd been going, he'd likely find himself inside every single shop, before reaching the one he actually came to Diagon Alley for. That's just the way Jackson rolled. And yes, it even frustrated him.

But, hey! What can you do!?!?!

As for her suggestion though, he shook his head (not unkindly). "Maybe I'll head there next! But, uh, Jorgie isn't big on that sort of stuff, so I'm not sure I'll find something there." Not that she didn't appreciate jokes, but he knew she'd rather a gift that came from the heart. Something more sentimental than what you could find at a joke store, y'know? Was that cheesy? Oh!!! Maybe he could get her some cheesy garlic bread! Cheesy garlic bread was more sentimental than headless hats were, believe it or not.

But uh, enough about Jackson's problems. He never liked focusing on himself much anyway. Besides, he hadn't seen Honora in a miiiiiiiinute, so it was nice to hear more about her. "Oh, that sounds like fun," he smiled earnestly, looking around for where they kept the books. Was there any semblance of organization around this place? Probably not. It looked a lot like the inside of Jackson's room, actually. Palmer would hate it in here! "Must be a good creative exercise too, huh?" It'd be like reading a new book every time you picked it up again!

As for unexpected familiarity... Jackson, uh, did..... not have that, no - but he was still eager to help, as always. "Haha," he chuckled quietly and mussed his hair. "Do you, uh, have a favorite genre?" Maybe he could help if he knew that.
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