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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash laughed. "I am proud of it. The last time I lied about my blood status, I got a few more scars. On my face. Don't want more of those." She frowned. Lucien Rosier and his dumb face and dumb ideas and DUMB RULES. He sucked, and she did not lose any sleep over his death. But no, it would not do to admit her life problems to some kid just because he was related to Minjae (who was the best and she totally trusted him if she wanted to cry). So she put the smile back up, a safeguard. "Being in Ravenclaw is like being in a random house, but people expect you to be smart, and you have to answer riddles to get into your room." She rolled her eyes. "Some people think I should be in Gryffindor instead, but that's just incorrect." She WASN'T DUMB (neither were Gryffindors). She just was reckless and bored. Different things. Nope. She was not going to ruin her own mood. NOT HAPPENING. She put the smile back up. "Daniel... oh, I think... You're Minjae's brother, right?" This thought process was fake, obviously. She had already deduced who he was. Slightly entitled, looked like Minjae, named Daniel... it had to be him. Ughhhhh, hiding things was so hard. Being happy was so hard. Everything was so hard. But she wasn't going to tell him that, so instead she just looked at Daniel, pretending to await his answer.

For the whole summer so far, Daniel’s brother had not mentioned a word about what had taken place at Hogwarts during his last year. And his parents would not clue him in either as it was, and he quoted, ‘not for a child to know about’. He knew that there had been a battle but that was it. Anyway, he read crime fictions! he could handle it! Besides, the more they were being secretive about it, the more he wanted to find out and this girl Ash had been at Hogwarts during that time. Perhaps he could figure stuff out like, why his brother was crying in his sleep and kept having nightmares about some kind of dark place. He knew about this because he heard him talking in his sleep but he would be ignored when he asked about it during the day.

”What happened that you got those scars?” he asked as he turned to look at her. How did it happen?” or was she like his brother who shut down and did not talk about it?

”I like riddles” he said vaguely as he opened up his bag and placed the potions textbook inside before looking back up at the Ravenclaw. Not mentioning it, but Daniel secretly hoped to get in to Ravenclaw. ”My brother was supposed to be in Gryffindor. At least that was what he told me once. “The Sorting Hat took a couple of minutes to sort me between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff but went with the latter in the end” he quoted what his brother had said, quite literally.

………………..She knew him?!

”I am….” he answered slowly as he eyed the girl suspiciously. ”How’d you know?” Had she come over to their house before? He doubted it cause he would have remembered her as his brother did not invite many people over. ”I don’t remember you at all” he stated bluntly ”Did you stalk us around Diagon Alley?” Should he call security over?
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