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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
"Eli, wait up," Autumn whined called after her sister as she followed her into the store. She knew how distracted Eliana could get about makeup and honestly Autumn kind of liked it too. But even though she was reluctant to admit it, she was trying to stick closer to her sister these days, without making it super obvious that she was following her around. Maybe it was because of the hard year they'd had at school last term. Well, it was definitely that, but she also didn't want to act like Eliana's shadow or like the kid sister who always had to tag along. So she had a lot of conflicting feelings.

But she soon caught up to her sister and peered over her shoulder to see what she was looking at. "What are you getting? Do you think any of those colors would look good on me?" Autumn did trust Eliana to choose just the right shades to be the most flattering. She would admit she was really good at makeup and beautifying products.

She heard her sister and did slow down, but there was something about this shop that put Eliana in a daze that not even her family could get her refocused on anything else. Pulling up the lip balm kit she slipped it into her basket. "I want to restock on a few things since I was doing some hair and makeup at school before the idiots sent us to that room." Though she had been doing it there too. The room might have helped her a bit with that, since they had no where else to go others saw her styles. "I also had been working on a few new combinations for lip balms so I want to try to make them and see if they workout." Experimenting was so much fun and she always liked to try new thigs on anyone willing.

"Trying to catch a boys eye this summer?" She joked as she turned to face Autumn completely, "I think you would look great in this new mermaid changing eye shadow I just saw." Heading back over she picked it up and one of the earth tones and showed her sister. "I think the earth tones would really make sure eyes pop, but the mermaid you could really get fancy with." Her sister was gorgeous and Eli knew she didn't need much makeup to look that way. "Add a little eyeliner and lipstick and dad won't be letting you out of the house because you will look to grown up."

"Do you want to grab some pizza after we leave here?" Eliana loved spending time with her sister so she didn't mind her hanging out with her.
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