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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
Louise had never been so happy for summer break. Normally she would have spent the whole summer outside, but this being a very, very different year, she had actually spent a lot of it inside with her parents. She had missed them like crazy when she had been locked up in Hogwarts with everyone else. But that time at home had really done her well - she looked less tired and she had definitely gained back the weight she lost in that dark room with all of her mum's cooking.

Now her goal was to work on getting some color back into her skin, which was why she was spending a good amount of time outside today. She had just left Florean's with a strawberry milkshake and took outside to soak in the sun. Louise didn't dare sit by the fountain, despite how pretty it looked, and instead sat on an empty bench so she could people watch with her milkshake.
Morgan did not have anything specific to do on this particular day at Diagon Alley, but he did not care. He was just happy to have the relative freedom that summer provided and even just a simple trip to Diagon Alley reminded him of how amazing just being outside and around friends could be. And he had plenty of friends, at least according to him, so even if he hadn't made any specific plans to meet anyone here today, he was sure he'd run into someone he knew and they could hang out.

Thirsty from the hot day and in the need of some junk and/or comfort food, Morgan settled on a chocolate milkshake from Florean's. He didn't see anyone he knew just yet, but he wasn't always the most observant person. He did, however, spot someone he knew soon after he left the ice cream shop and headed down the alley.

"Hey, Louise!" he grinned as he took a seat next to her on the bench. "What's going on?" And look, they both liked milkshakes!
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