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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
It was finally time for one Eliana Low to be in her happy place. Surrounded by bottles upon bottles of anything she could dream of. Walking the store she searched for the newest products that she missed from the term of no mail. Seriously it felt like years since she had seen new makeup or even tried any on.

Picking up a few different shades of ever changing eye shadow, Eli was soon distracted by the kits that she loved doing. She wanted to try out a new lip balm recipe she had made up while stuck in the room to pass the time and she really need to grow her spa stash as well. This term she was going to grow her little dorm salon even more.
"Eli, wait up," Autumn whined called after her sister as she followed her into the store. She knew how distracted Eliana could get about makeup and honestly Autumn kind of liked it too. But even though she was reluctant to admit it, she was trying to stick closer to her sister these days, without making it super obvious that she was following her around. Maybe it was because of the hard year they'd had at school last term. Well, it was definitely that, but she also didn't want to act like Eliana's shadow or like the kid sister who always had to tag along. So she had a lot of conflicting feelings.

But she soon caught up to her sister and peered over her shoulder to see what she was looking at. "What are you getting? Do you think any of those colors would look good on me?" Autumn did trust Eliana to choose just the right shades to be the most flattering. She would admit she was really good at makeup and beautifying products.
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