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Oh, yes. There was something very suspicious going on here. Addison could feel it it more and more as they progressed further through their dinner. It was very clear that Connor was trying to hide something from her but what it was, the blonde wasn't sure of. Chances were it was something silly and he thought she was going to be angry with her. Addi frowned a little when he looked away and turned her own attention back to her food again. Guys could be so immature sometimes.

"What? Why, not? Afraid I'll be able to guess whatever it is to easily?" Her blue eyes followed his to her plate. Why was he looking at her food like that? "Well I don't know, I might. That depends on if there's dessert or not." She wouldn't want to go getting herself all stuffed on pasta and bread sticks if there was cake or ice cream next. A hot fudge sundae sounded really good actually.

Addison picked up her drink and took another sip. "Actually, you know what.. I think I will have a bit more pasta and another breadstick." She could regret it later when she was wishing she hadn't eaten so much because her stomach hurt.
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