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Huh. Maybe the goods weren’t so so bad? Fortunately she had noticed that there was another young boy around her age as she perused. She didn’t pay too much attention to him, thinking that it would be best to let him go about his own business. Besides, she was too busy figuring out the big picture here.

Maybe she could sell bracelets like this at Hogwarts? Have a little side hustle hmmm? Then she could buy more cookies and Star Wars lightsabers? She was about to reach out to grab a bracelet to inspect it further but she was stopped midway by a hand.

YES. Suddenly the tiny Nam was oh SO RUDELY! YANKED - well.. more so dramatically pulled to safety away from being in the middle of the street so traffic could pass you without causing any accidents. She was about to confront the individual when she processed the voice to find a familiar looking person. Ah. It was V. Well this was a coinidink. Last time, she had saved her had been in Madam Malkins and here they were again. The eleven year old slowly quirked an eyebrow as she found the other girl asking her if she remembered her. She nodded. “Uh thanks.... I didn’t realize that. And I remember you, V! You saved me at the..” She waved her hand around, searching for the word, before she snapped her fingers. “Robe shop! Madam Malkins. Thanks again!


At V’s question, Lisa diverted her gaze back to the stand. Well... she HAD considered it at one stage but did V really think the items were worth it. “I had... but.....” she began before the boy (Daniel) that she had seen earlier literally dropped into the middle of their conversation. She quirked her eyebrow as she took in the sight of him just munching on the skewer and offering advice. Folding her arms, she eyed him, unsure what to make of him but when he said what she said - she was impressed.

Y’know.... I was thinking the same thing... It looks too ‘perfect’ to be real... not like my Eomma’s jewelry.” She knew her Eomma had some nice jewelry that she had only gotten to wear ONCE when her and Maya had snuck in. Noah had thwarted them so they hadn’t been in too too much trouble but he had ruined their fun. Older brothers... hmph. “I was also wondering if this could work at Hogwarts as a side gig... Do you think it could work? I think its much more interesting than a bake sale...” she mused, looking to get a reaction out of both V and skewer boy.
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