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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
Caroline, had, unfortunately meant to walk into this shop, but only because her parents told her to get some rash paste for one of their pigs. Gertrude the pig was always getting into stuff she wasn't supposed to and kept getting a rash on her big fat belly and APPARENTLY the only rash cream that worked was the stuff at Madame Primpernelle's. Naturally, ZERO of her seven brothers would dare set foot in this store and just because Caroline was a girl, she was the one that had to go.

Her first stop had been the sweets shop, though. She needed to restock her bubblegum.

Chewing on a wad of new bubblegum, the young farm girl swung open the door to the girly shop and walked in, her little pet mouse (Steve) sitting atop her shoulder comfortably. She couldn't remember where the rash cream was, so she ended up down an aisle with potions of varying colors. Huh. She wondered what her mum would think if she came home with green hair. Before she could think about it too long, Steve the mouse hopped off the girl's shoulder, scampered over to the other girl that was in the hair potion aisle and started running up the girl's clothes to get to her hair.
Okay so a lovely shade of light pink would really bring out Noah’s personality, a light blue for Evan, a beautiful scarlet for Maya.... Now she was stuck on choosing a colour for everyone else. Maybe a PURPLE would have been good?


She felt something scampering up. And it wasn’t a bug bug.... She knew what a bug lazily crawling up her skin felt like. This THING - whatever - it was was CLIMBING at an alarming rate. An alarm went off in her head when she felt it reach past her knee and she let out a dreadful SQUEAKY SQUEAL.

She shook every part of her body - legs, feet, arms, hands, elbows, and then just her whole body did a star jump as she tried to shake the THING off of her.

Get it off. Get it off. Get it off. NOWWWWWWWW. She swore if it was a mouse that she’d literally faint. Shake. Shake. Shake. Where was her lightsaber now in her time of need to whack it away?!?

She jumped one more time and then fell right onto her back, losing the potions in her basket as they crashed behind her onto the floor.
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