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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash had a great outfit on today. She had the blue jeans, the white tshirt, and the expensive leather jacket. It was great. But she didn't feel great. She was all alone, wandering around Diagon Alley by herself unhappily. Yay. She slouched onto a bench. If her father acted like a dad, maybe she wouldn't be alone. But she wanted to be alone. Authority sucked. She was going to go wherever she wanted and do whatever she wanted. Ha ha ha.

Well, she wasn't alone. There was some kid sitting there. Figured. She nodded at him, and then almost went to go make brooding faces and sit alone for an hour. But wait. Kid looked familiar. Who did he look like? She couldn't place it, but she was gonna find out. "I used to read stuff. When I was a kid." There. Conversation. Now he would tell her who he was or whatever.

This kid was reading a book. Book. Bookstore. A beginner? Like someone who can't read? Because I know some good kids books. Oh! Minjae. He had a brother, didn't he? This must be it. Mystery done. Now she could go and sit looking like a cross between a troublemaker and a generally sad person. Oh wait. She was already doing that. Nevermind. She would just sit here and keep doing that then.
Taking another bite from his hazelnut flavored ice cream (his favorite!) , Daniel flipped the page of his potions textbook and continued reading even when an older girl had moved towards the bench. It was not his bench of course so he said nothing as she sat down next to him. In fact, he completely ignored her.

Being completely absorbed in reading about the Sleeping Draught potion, Daniel earmarked the textbook for future reference before he glanced sideways at the girl as she spoke. " Good for you" he commented. "You do know there is a universal rule not to bother someone who is reading , right?" and if there wasn't there should be. "Who are you even?"
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