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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

For a moment, Adi stood there in stunned silence. His baby, being so violent? Well, it wasn’t violent exactly but in Adi’s books? It was. It took him about a full minute to let the revelation sink in. Only then did he lower his hand closest to the young boy’s head. Gently, he ruffled Aryan’s hair. “Aryan, you know that sort of behaviour is very bad. Why did you do it?” As much as the man wanted an explanation, he was half surprised, half unsurprised when Bry readily accepted the apology. Then again, kiddos were so innocent and forgiving.

Aryan tilted his head back to look up at his daddy. “Cos she climb slowww.’’ Then he hung his head in shame, though at such a young age, Aryan didn’t know that the emotion had a name. He turned to set his eyes upon Bry and Aunty Hades. “Sowwy,” he repeated. And he meant it too.

Adi was relieved when Hades too, didn’t make a big deal out of the situation. “Yes,’’ he agreed. “What Aunty Hades said. Be a good boy, Aryan.’’ When he got home, he’d make sure to have a firm but gentle talk with the little boy about being a gentleman.

Aryan was so happy, overjoyed even, when he realised that he wasn’t in trouble. Without thinking much, he ran over to Bry and tried to grab her hand. “Castle?” Brown eyes searched her face for a positive answer.
Oh, dear, Hady could already feel what Adi was feeling. She knew him well enough to know he was a very confused man right now. Aryan's behavior had surprised them all, including Aryan as it seems. Watching the way he handled it, she nodded her head offering him a smile. As for her sweet little nephew, well, she knelt down and gave him a gentle hug. "It's alright but remember that not everyone is as fast all of the time, okay?" It was a soft reminder and not meant to be scolding.

When Aryan said that he had yanked at her hair because she was slow she made a face at him. "Dats tuz I dots wittle feets, wook!" To prove her point she lifted her little sneakered foot up to show them how small it was. "See?! It wittle. Ary haz bigder feets." She dropped her foot back down onto the ground.

Hadleigh watched her youngest once more being a little drama queen and had to stifle a laugh. "Yes, Bry, we know how little your feet are." She looked at Adi and mouthed the words 'That's always her excuse for everything. How little she is.'

At having her hand grabbed by Bryony, the biggest of smiles spread across her face. It was as if everything from moments before had never happened. Her tiny fingers wrapped securely around his, she nodded her head quickly, blonde hair flying all over the place before taking off running towards the castle as fast as her little legs could go.
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