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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Juniper had eased off on the plant buying after her first few days in town. She had to make sure her son was going to take care of them before she consigned any more innocent plants, sentient or not, to their doom. But he seemed to be watering them, so here she was, ready to buy more plants. His flat still had a little window space left to squeeze another friend in, see. And he certainly didn't have enough human friends.

She was still worried about him. She'd worried from afar for plenty long, she was going to worry from nearby now.

That's right. Juniper Goodwin-Melo was returning to her roots.

That YATI job was definitely not safe, clearly. It had been one thing when it was all theoretical, with her precious youngest child going through the training. But he was still in training, and they had let him go to war. When she had heard, she'd been terrified her son was going to meet the same fate as her late husband. And if that were to be the case, she was not willing to be half a world away.

She was distracted as she wandered into the little greenhouse they had in Diagon Alley now. She'd been in here enough lately to have the layout nearly memorized, so she mindlessly headed toward the mundane plants to see about a little flower to spruce up little Gabe's flat--she had restrained herself so far, and only purchased useful plants, but she wanted his home to feel more like his real home. More rainforest-like, though she certainly did not expect to find much from her son's childhood in the rainforest.

She was so focused on examining the plants, looking for something healthy and tropical, she did not see the redhead looking at flowers. After bumping into the other woman, Juniper took a step back in surprise.
"Oh! I am, I'm so sorry," she said, tucking some hair behind her ear as she gave the woman her attention finally. Wait. She looked familiar. Why did she look familiar?
Chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums... ah, yes, there they were. January grabbed a few packets of seedlings just as she felt someone bump into her. "Oh-" Truthfully, the bump had startled her more than she would have liked, but she did a good job of hiding it once she turned and saw the woman. "It's alright," she said with a friendly smile, tucking the seed packets into her shopping basket.

"You're.." January started and then paused. She knew this woman. But could she remember her name? Not likely. "I know you," she said instead, leaving it open for her to agree (hopefully). Had they worked together? Perhaps when January had still been in the Creatures department.

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