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Default For Sarah!!!!
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For the record, Lisa didn't mean to walk into this store.

Nope. Nope. Nope. She would plead the fifth until her last breath. And she would have HATED the idea of being caught in here by any of her siblings. Well she didn't hate it- she just didn't wish to be caught because if she were, then she wouldn't be able to successfully manage the awesome prank she was about to pull.

Yes, the littlest Nam was here ready to purchase not FIVE but EIGHT different hair colour potions. One for each member of her family that she either loved or heavily tolerated; however, her idol and cousin (Cora) was the exception. She wouldn't dare taint Cora's beautiful locks or stunning looks because Cora was Cora. And Cora was about to propose to her boyfriend AAAAND had asked for Lisa's help so Lisa didn't exactly want to get unasked for help. Nope. She had a whole plan that she had picked up from gathering intel on several rom com movies that she was waiting to put into action.

But meanwhile - there was a task at hand. THE POTIONS

Heh. One for Noah, one for Evan, one for Maya, one for Eomma, one for Appa (she had to find a space themed one if that was a thing or at least recreate it), one for Solana (though she'd choose a nice one because she felt bad for Sol and didn't want to cause anymore hurt), one for Chin-hae, and one for Chase.

Now what colours should she choose? Decisions... Decisions.
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