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As footsteps approached, Scottie stopped the pacing to turn and see that it was his newly appointed department head. "Mr. Upstead, sir," he said with a polite nod of his head. How old was Upstead anyway? He looked young. He didn't act young. Scottie was putting him in his 30s. What did Scottie know? He was young and was TERRIBLE at guessing people's ages always. The twenty-five year old was probably waaaay off, but he supposed it was better to low-ball it than the alternative.

Not that he'd be saying any of this aloud. But then, what if Upstead was a LEGILIMENS? Scottie quiiiiiickly gave his head a shake to clear it out and enter the office. The couch was a no, for sure, so he opted for the chair instead. His eyes automatically roamed around the new decor, and he shivered slightly. "Last time I was in here I accused Goldwasser of being a vampire. Well. Suggested, rather," he said gently.

Scottie was not going to start anything, so he just shifted his position slightly in his seat, eyeing the office some more. It was nice to feel like your boss wasn't going to like, kill you for your views, wasn't it?
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