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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
The sound of the compartment door sliding open was enough to pull the newly turned twelve year old from her thoughts, her head turning only enough so she could see who was there. It was probably one of her many siblings or cousins, maybe even Tadhg or one of her other friends had come looking for already. What she saw was a older boy from her own house she was sure, however his name slipped her mind right now which was a little unusual for her. She was pretty sure she had seen him around Claudine a lot though, an older Slytherin.

Well until she could recall his name, he would be known as... long dark floofy haired boy. And then she saw him/her. The cat cradled in the boys arms that seemed to catch her attention just a hair of a fraction more than the person had. Had that..*


It had been! The cat meeped at her! Sir Frederik Puffington the Pink Pygmy Puff had expected the child to squeal in delight as she normal would have whenever a new creature was around. Sad blue eyes blinked once, the pink pygmy puff nuzzling himself against his owners neck as if expecting what was to come but never did. Lia nodded. "Of course. I'm Dahlia and this is Sir Frederik Puffington the Pink Pygmy Puff," she introduced them both quietly in what might have been a whisper but she couldn't be all to sure anymore.
Oh right, Dahlia! Heath knew the girl had a flower name, but he'd forgotten which one it was. He nodded, managing a very slight smile for her. Then he saw the little pink creature nuzzling against her neck; his eyes lit up and his smile grew. Aww! That pink fur, those eyes… He was suddenly reminded of Holdo, the purple pygmy puff he had to leave at home, and how much he missed him. Well, that was one good thing about going home! At least Holdo wouldn't judge him for his actions this term!

He gently set Rey on the seat opposite Dahlia and closed the compartment door behind him. "Nice to meet you, Dahlia," he said. Then bending so that his eyes were level with the puff's, he whispered, "Hello, Sir Fredrick. Oh, you're such a handsome boy!"

Unfortunately Rey was having none of it. She meeped loudly behind him, clearly displeased about sharing his attention with another creature. Heath jumped slightly, his dark head whipping around at the sound, and he laughed as Rey flopped onto her back. It was only as he took his seat and began petting Rey that he remembered he hadn't yet intorduced himself. "Oh! I'm Heath, by the way," he said, "and she's Rey."

Rey's big blue eyes blinked, and she looked up at Dahlia with a mrrrp.
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