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The appointment had been set up as soon as Mr. Jake Upstead had settled in; Scottie felt he had no time to waste anymore. Everything was go go go go go. He had asked Regina on a date on the battle field for Merlin's sake.

Life was short. You had to live it.

He paced in front of Mr. Upstead's office anxiously, much like he had done all those months ago...with Mr. Goldwasser. It brought back acute memories, ones he wouldn't forget. Nor did he want to. The determination that he had had in his eyes that day was probably present again, and Scott Ferguson was still a man on a mission, wasn't he?

It didn't help that he had never spoken to Mr. Upstead before at great length, and so there was a little nervousness in the pit of his stomach. At least his new department head didn't have an affinity for bloodpops, though. Or maybe he did, but Scottie was sure it'd be the first thing he asked Mr. Upstead. Do you like bloodpops??? If so...Well... Well.
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