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He was still hugging her when he started to hear laughter. He had always liked the sound of her laughter. It made him feel proud, like he had accomplished a great feat. Funny how that worked wasn't it? He was quite certain he wasn't the only person who had ever made her laugh, but she had this way of making him feel like he was. He kissed the top of her head as he continued to laugh himself.

There was a wet spot on his shirt. Either Zita was crying or she was drooling, he decided to go with the one that was less likely to upset her. "Sita, vhy are you crying? I vas trying to be fun." He let go of her so he might be able to see her face. With his new glasses he could see better, but still not great. Had he hurt her feelings? That wasn't intention at all. He didn't know what to do. Should he grovel? Apologize? Rub her feet? Pregnant women liked to have their feet rubbed. It was something he remembered Laurel talking about when she was pregnant. "I like ze house. Ve schould get ze house. Kinder need a place to run - Oh non, your parents! {What are they going to think of me? Your dad will probably kill -}" He started rambling, slipping into German, although he didn't realize it.
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