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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
"Sure." Did Ash like jelly slugs? Not really. But being the daughter of a super rich guy was a lesson in being polite and eating the food that is offered to you, even if the food was something she didn't like, like tuna fish. "Oh! I need to replace my broom! Do you think I can get insurance money for the old one? It cost lots of money, and I think if it got blown up by a cult, that should qualify as something my insurance will cover. Otherwise, I'll have to pay out of pocket." She sighed and ate the jelly slug. Well, at least she could afford to replace it. She felt bad for the classmates who couldn't afford replacements- should she buy them brooms too? "Nah. Not very okay. But when I get back to Australia, I will. I'm going to go surfing, get a boyfriend, and hang out with Claudine for a day, and I will totally feel okay after that." Totally. She nodded convincingly, not quite convinced herself. "I can't believe I'm going back to Hogwarts next year." Like, was she TRYING to be sad? Because going to Hogwarts was a great way to be sad. She sighed. "I'm mostly only staying to make a point." Make of that what you will.
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Isabella get onto the train in the back, hoping to find a compartment for herself. She had survived her first year at school and should be happy, but she wasn't not after this rough year. The evil cult had took away the fun so she wasn't sure if she wanted to go back for a second year. If Apollo went back then she would too she supposed, but reluctantly and with no expectations. Maybe a break would be good for her?

As if on cue Apollo's familiar head popped into view in one of the side compartments, holding out a bag of was that jelly slugs to Ashley? She had wanted to be alone. but the universe wanted differently. It was no use to argue so Bella walked up to the compartment, pushed open the door and stuck her black haired head in with a small smile pursing her lips. "Hey guys, have you got room for one more?" Gesturing to Apollo's bag of glorious sweets she pleaded. "Please say you have jelly slugs and chocolate frogs in that bag to share Apollo?"

Passing her the bag of jelly slugs, Apollo listened as she talked about insurance to replace a broom. "I uh ... I think ... that's only for professionals?" He knew some of his family had destroyed brooms in the past but honestly, he was so young (maybe not even born when it happened), that it wasn't like he had thought to ask, how'd ya afford a new one?? That wasn't something that twelve year olds typically asked.

But ... hold the invisible phone. Did she just say?

"Australia?" He blinked and was about to inquire more and also if the boyfriend goal was the same crush she had talked about months ago in the cupboard, when the compartment opened and he grinned at sight of Isabella's head. "Uh yea. Doh. Come on in, Isabella." He tossed his bag over to her with his snack supply, trusting she could go through and get what she liked. "Do you know Ashley?? She was just telling me how she was going to go to Australia ---"

Originally Posted by Sangeetha View Post
Kaira was trying to find a compartment. She was tired and just wanted to get back home. It has been a very difficult year.

She didn't feel like being alone. Not after the year she'd had. That is when she heard sounds from a particular compartment (Apollo and Ashley).

"Hello guys, mind if I join y'all?," she asked
But before he could really finish talking about Australia.... he heard a voice from outside the compartment and noticed it was Kaira from charms. He was about to wave her to come on when she ... went to a nearby compartment instead (Cornelia). Eh. They could both come in if they wanted or not.
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