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Cornelia was ... well, she was here. She was no longer the same girl she was the last time she had been on the train, but rather ... something else entirely. What exactly, she wasn't sure. The term had impacted her in ways she didn't even know, and the war ... Just thinking about it would bring her to tears all over again, the whole thing something she had been pushing aside. She had cried the night she learned what had happened, but she didn't want to cry anymore. She wanted to be strong.

Sitting in a compartment all alone, she just stared blankly out the window. To passersby, it would appear that she was very much engaged with the scenery. Internally, however, she was trying to make sense of everything. Her mother's apparent loyalty to the Neo-Alliance, her sudden death, everything was quite a bit to process and the girl honestly was still in denial about it all.

Deep thoughts continued to flutter in and out of her mind, all unanswered.

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