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January was more at peace than she had been in the last few years. The rising war, especially in combination with her daughter and every other student being kept hostage at Hogwarts with no communication... Well, that stresses a parent out. January had joined the battle long enough to find her daughter, as well as Charles' granddaughter, and make sure they were safe. After that, she slept her first peaceful sleep in a long time.

Weeks had passed, and while things were in motion to go back to "normal", January knew it would take a long time to feel normal. Damage had been done, both mentally and physically to her and her daughter. It would take time.

But all she had was time now. So she finally let herself break free of her house that she had been rather locked up in for the last (long) while and decided to soak in the late spring sunshine. With the war over and the Neo-Alliance either dead, locked up or far away, she finally felt safe going back to Diagon Alley.

The redheaded woman entered the plant store and meandered the aisles casually. She paused at the mundane section of gardening supplies and flowers. It wasn't too late to plant flowers. She had let her garden go and hadn't spruced it back up for the spring yet... but what better way to help things go back to normal than to return to her garden?

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