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Was he upset or...

Zita wasn't sure at first she just watched him and tried to read him. Maybe she should have told him sooner, maybe she shouldn't have tried to make it such a big deal and then chickened out and did it now. The smile did bring a few tears, not that she wanted to have tears, but something was controlling her emotions more than she could at this point.

A joke? Why on earth would she joke about something this, this crazy. "I would never joke about this. Me with a baby, me, I could barely keep myself alive up until the past few years and you've helped through that. This isn't something I ever planned on doing, or at least not yet, I didn't know how you would feel either, so no, it is not a joke." She was still in shock over it, but she was happy at the same time. It was a weird feeling really.

The hug did it though, the hug and the words. She was smiling, laughing, and crying. It was crazy how her emotions were with all of this.
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