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Default Bowtruckle Island

Bowtruckle Island is a small thicket of wiggentrees on a hill (or island, to be generous) in the middle of the Black Lake. If one squints, the island is just visible from the lakeshore.

It could be swum to by experienced and advanced swimmers, such as those with gold-medal championship titles or individuals who have swum the English channel. But most Hogwarts students would find it easier to borrow a boat from the boathouse and row out to explore this island.

The bowtruckles on Bowtruckle Island are more wild and unfriendly than their few cousins who live in the Magical Creature Sanctuary; all are highly protective of their wiggentrees and well-versed in the art of defensive eyeball-scratching. But even these bowtruckles can (on occasion) be bribed by the usual offering of fairy eggs or wood lice.

Be careful if you visit here, as its main purpose is to serve as a sanctuary for the bowtruckles. You are in their territory now, so do not linger too long lest you get voted off the island.

OOC NOTE FROM YOUR GROUNDSKEEPER: I highly recommend RPing here as though you already got the boat and got to the island! We do have someone RPing actual Bowtruckles, so be on the lookout for them. You can, of course, RP on your own with a bowtruckle or two. Be careful, though...

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