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Name: Beccy
Location: Hull uk
Age (only if you want to say): 40 ish
Hobbies & Interests: Harry potter, Disney,Marvel, Reading, walking, Animals, baking, crafting,
Favorite band/musician: It really depends on my mood I have a very wide taste in music so can't pick just ond
Favorite food: Roast chicken dinner
Fave non-HP movie: Any marvel, Disney or cheese 80s films
Fave HP book: Order of the Phoenix
Fave HP movie: Half blood prince
Fave character(s) and why: Luna, Hermione and Ron because I relate more to these 3 characters Hermione i was very school to cool and enjoy researching. I was a bit of a loner like Luna and I embrace my inner weirdness like she does.

Anything else: Harry potter is my safe place. I find it hard to make friends being shy so I thought bite the bullet and join here to see if I can make friends with people who have similar interests.
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