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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
London had a uniqueness that was quite different from New York that wasn’t limited to its people or buildings. Even the smells were unique. Teddy's nose might have been wrinkled a little as stepped into the station. It was busy. Lots of no-majes running around along with quite a few witches and wizards it seemed. Good, perhaps he wouldn’t be the only wizard on this train. He already felt like a fish out of water as it was. Despite what he had been told, he had his doubts about this trip to Europe. Maybe he should have just gone back home instead.

No. He needed to get out and enjoy something new. Try to get over his PTSD and move on. Maybe find a new path in life because there was no way he was going to be an obliviator anymore. That dull pang in his gut was back. He rubbed at his side as if it was a physical ache and not a mental one, then forced himself to stop and slung his pack over his shoulder.

Platform 8 should be this way…
Kings cross.

Aurora was not a fan of the busy train station and had never been. Too many stressed people in a small space always made her feel just a tad uncomfortable. After a week in St Mungos to recover from the curse she had sustained in the war she had been on the verge of ordering Carson to pick up her children from the train. Knowing the year of terror they had been through though Aurora had not asked her assistant to do it in the end, she had instead assigned him to run a handful of other errands for her which included getting a number of documents in indian translated. She needed to be here to meet her kids and hug them when the train came in.

Unconsciously the middle-aged woman with blond hair and blue eyes, clad in a blue summery dress, raised a hand to touch her head where the horns had been, but weren’t anymore. Aurora shook her head with a sigh wondering how long the phantom pain of horns would haunt her as she looked up at the platform signs.

Cursing when she realized that she had been going in the wrong direction Aurora swung her trolley around with force and next minute she felt herself knocking straight into something big and manly, before getting hit with something in the head which made her see butterflies. "Exscuze moi, oooooooooof!" she blurted out loudly.

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