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I have an addiction to cheddar cheese. But it's only mild. Ever tried to eat a clock? It's time-consuming.

Yes! He was getting into a groove. He found the perfect pace to walk around this park bench deep in thought. He was creating a literal groove in the path he walked. It felt good to cloud his head with thoughts that would pull him out of reality.

Like, it's crazy how soda's are made. All that crazy amount of carbon dioxide that goes into bubbling up the water until it gets all fizzy. But we humans breathe out carbon dioxide into the air. How much time would they need to breathe into water to make it a Soda? If they put a bunch of people into a pool and told them all to blow into the water many of them would it take until it got carbonated? What if Fish breathed out co2? Would they be able to carbonate all the oceans in the world.

Or, shirt tags. Why were they still a thing? Haven't they evolved beyond that. There were shirts that no longer used tags and some that did. The Tags were so bothersome against the neck. Always felt like there was something trying to cling to your neck like a spider or any other insect. Then again, he saw the benefit in tags. The shirts that went tag-less you'd be a fool in public if you were caught with your shirt inside-out and those tags were a good quick catch to make sure you reversed it right away. Torrance was no fool.

Insects!! Like Preying Mantis'... Manti? Was it Mantises Manti? What was the plural? He liked Manti bet... and then he was thrust out of his thoughts. Stopping in his tracks when he heard that same angry tone of voice yelling at him. "Sa-Sachiko?"

His style?! What was wrong with his style? Torrance was pretty sure his style was good. He especially liked this shirt. It wasn't tacky at all. No wait...ah was she still on about his rat tail?! He lightly tugged on it but then put his hands down. "I'm not getting ride of it, Sachiko." He liked it very much so.

Besides look at that tiny jacket! It was so tiny!! Jackets aren't supposed to be tiny! They're supposed to cover you.
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