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The past month had been a lot. In the quiet moments before sleep finally took him, Eiji found himself reflecting back on the call he had had with grandpa not even an hour after the broadcast. There was a guilt that had settled into his chest and made a home there. Always one with high standards for himself, he was sure he could never forgive himself for the things he had thought about his grandfather, the things he had said to him, and just how spiteful the former Slytherin had been while the man was battling against an unfathomable evil.

He had returned to the UK as quickly as possible once the fighting had ceased in Japan, his uncle arranging for an emergency portkey for him, and was just in time for his grandpa to be admitted into St. Mungo's. least he had seen him. Even spoken to him. Though that initial conversation had mostly been Eiji simply ugly crying into the Minister's chest like he used to do when he had fallen and skinned his knee when he was a toddler. It had been a lot. It was a lot. And Missa had been there, right by his side, for a good chuck of it.

They both had a lot on their plates and it was the one calming factor that he had to hold on to and get him through things; that Missa was safe and 'okay'. Because there was a whole lot of other things that were far from okay. Though he did not want to think about all that right now as he stepped into the lobby of Magical Law Enforcement with a potted plant tucked under his arm and informed the receptionist that he was here to see YATI Renaldi.

Being in the Ministry was a jarring reminder that grandpa was not okay, however.

After being instructed to fill out a form, Eiji launched the little paper airplane off to go fine Missa and then waited. No coffee for him, thanks.

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