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Originally Posted by Sangeetha View Post
Heyy guys!

So this is just something I noticed. I've been reading old RPGs in the archives. I noticed that a lot more people used to RP back then, it seemed to be flooding with people, and now sooo many people have stopped?
Not as much HP stuff being produced for one thing SS was crazy busy when the books were still being written and the movies were coming out, and it started in.... 2002? So some of our members weren't even born when SS was created, others joined when they were in high school or university and maybe had a bit more time on their hands. Common in other fandoms I've seen too, really depends on how current the associated media is.

I think its less about people stopping and more about there being less new members coming in to replace those who get busy and can't be around anymore. When pottermore launched for instance, we had over 1000 new members during that sorting . I think this is why everyone adores when we get new members joining us and sticking around now. Love new additions to our HP family And yessss a few people have mentioned returning, and that's one of the coolest things I think, is that there's that longevity and ability to come and go and find a footing again. Its always exciting seeing old faces pop up too.

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