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Default Sugarplum's Sweet Shop

Every child in Wizarding Britain knows that Sugarplum's is the place to be. You can smell the sticky sweetness and bursts of flavour as soon as you walk through the door, the little candy themed bell, enchanted to transform into a different type of candy every hour, will tinkle merrily to announce your arrival, but we won't be surprised if you don't notice it, after all your eyes have a rainbow of delectable sweets to feast on.

Shelves among shelves of different types of wizarding sweets are ranged in aisles before you. The shelves stretch up to the roof and big glass jars display every type of candy imaginable. Can't reach? No worries! Just say the type of candy out loud and the jar will float down to you, ready to scoop out the required amount. Everything is labeled, so it shouldn't be too hard to find what you're looking for. There are a stack of baskets to the right of the last shelf - go ahead and grab one if you need it! There are four gumball machines near the exit to the sweet shop. If you have any knuts in your pocket that you are just dying to get rid of, why not buy a few gumballs with them? All you have to do is place two knuts inside the little slot, turn the knob, and watch as the gumball travels down the maze and to the little compartment at the bottom.

Once you've finished your shopping, you need to escort yourself to the check out counter located on the right side of the store. The shopkeeper can usually be found behind the counter, scooping and weighing sweets for the customers ahead of you.

Text Cut: Inventory

Fudge - Only one Galleon a pound!
Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Peanut butter and jellyfish
Chocolate dragon

Chocolate - Only one Galleon a pound!

Hand-Made Candies - One for a sickle, Galleon per pound
Nougat (several flavors each day)
Coconut Ice
Cherry-center Truffle (7 Sickles per box)
Dark Chocolate Truffle (7 Sickles per box)
White Chocolate Almond Truffle (soft white choc. center) - 7 sickles per box

Drooble's Best Blowing Gum - 2 sickles
Toothflossing Stringmints - 3 sickles
Creature Feature Blowing Gum - 1 sickle
Giant Gumballs - 10 knuts each
Invisible Gum - 12 knuts per packet

Gummy Candies
Jumping Gummy Beetles - 6 sickles per packet
Puckering Sour Swirls - 5 sickles per packet

Specialty Candies
Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans - 8 sickles per packet
Chocolate Frogs - 5 sickles each
Licorice Wands - 10 knuts a piece (5 sickles per box)
Pumpkin Fizzes - 4 sickles each
Peppermint Humbugs - 6 sickles per packet
Fizzing Whizbees - 1 sickle each
Pumpkin Pasties - 8 sickles per box
Ice Mice - 2 sickles (8 sickles per box)
Sugar Quills - 3 sickles
Lemondrops - 2 sickles (10 sickles per box)
Sherbertdrops - 2 sickles (10 sickles per box)
Crystallised Pineapple - 5 sickles (20 sickles per box)

Oddities and Rarities
Cockroach Clusters - 1 sickle each
Acid Pops - 2 sickles
Blood Pops - 2 sickles
Fudge Flies - 1 sickle
Jelly Slugs - 2 sickles
Pepper Imps - 1 sickle
This shop is STAFFED by Renner Thanatos (Kolyander)
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