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Default Janus Galloglass

For all your magical mirror needs, Janus Galloglass is the place to be. Sure, you could go to some other knick knack store that doesn't specialize in mirrors, but if you want quality, if you want customization, if you want pure craftsmanship, then you're in the right place. When you walk inside you'll have a hard time not seeing your own reflection somewhere on the walls and displays, and yet equally, not every mirror shows you yourself as you might expect. Some show reflections of completely different places and faces, some show you what you would look like as a different gender or age, some show you how others see you, and some appear not to reflect anything at all. Many of the mirrors call out compliments or advice as you walk close to them. Some seem to watch you as you make your way around the store.

Janus Galloglass deals in three main areas when it comes to mirror making: mirrors for communication, mirrors for vanity and appearance, and mirrors for divination, though there are other types of mirrors available for other needs - just ask. Fancy a foeglass? Need a talking mirror to tell you how fabulous you are? Want a hand mirror charmed to never fog up? Do you need a mirror that will zoom? Maybe you need mirror parts for your telescope, or a mirror charmed to show you the back of your head. Perhaps you're in the market for a prank mirror of some variety. Whatever you need, if it isn't already on the shelves, you can get a quote here, just be aware that some more complex custom requests might take a little time to craft.

You mustn't forget, of course, that Janus Galloglass also provides a Psychomanteum that its valued patrons can make use of, for a price of course. Your Catoptromancy session can be guided too if you need a little help with interpretation, or you may pay to use the Psychomanteum by yourself for a 15, 35, or 55 minute session. Please note there are multitudes of security spells in this store. It isn't wise to try and steal when so many of the mirrors are watching you, not to mention, if you break you DEFINITELY buy, or you might just get sucked into a holding mirror until an auror can be summoned to deal with you.

Text Cut: Inventory

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A note about inventory:
At Janus Galloglass the price of a given mirror depends on several factors that make an exact pricing menu unwieldy and difficult. Please use the following price brackets for a guide as far as what you can choose to RP as a quoted price, and remember the more complex the charms or magic of a mirror, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Mirror Sizes
ring mirrors - starting at 1 galleon, 1 sickle
compact mirror - starting at 1 galleon, 1 sickle
hand held mirror - starting at 1 galleon, 2 sickles
book-sized mirror - starting at 1 galleon, 10 sickles
half-length mirror - starting at 3 galleons, 7 sickles
full-length mirror - starting at 5 galleons, 4 sickles
larger custom size - starting at 8 galleons, 2 sickles

Mirror Types
non-magical mirrors
farseeing mirrors
two-way mirrors
haunted mirrors
talking mirrors
enchanted mirrors
scrying mirrors
security mirrors

Mirror Shapes
rounded square
custom (star, moon, etc)

Mirror Materials
polished metals (silver, brass, bronze, copper)
onyx (scrying mirrors only)
obsidian (scrying mirrors only)
wood frame (price varies depending on type of wood)
metal frame (silver, brass, copper, etc)

Mirror Detail

Psychomanteum use:
15 minutes - 3 galleons
35 minutes - 6 galleons
55 minutes - 9 galleons

Guided Catoptromancy sessions:
8 galleons per 15 minutes
This shop is STAFFED by Tabatha Krauss (Sunflower).
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