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Has all of your shopping worn you out and left you in need of some hydration? From the south side of Diagon Alley, the Leaky Cauldron is quite a trek, especially when the cobbled street has exploded with witches, wizards, and children alike. Do not fret, however. A crimson red cart, stationed between Janus Galloglass and Noltie's Botanical Novelties, with golden lettering spelling out 'BUTTERBEER' is here to save the day! For many years, an old witch has been taking advantage of this spot and has provided many with a refreshing sugary butterscotch concoction and even a tasty snack. Sadly, this lovely old witch passed away during the attack on Diagon Alley but her photograph sits proudly on display on the cart.

Early in the morning, the grandson of the old witch rolls out her cart and remains at the usual spot until the sun goes down. For just a Galleon, you can enjoy an all-yo-can-drink mug of the finest Butterbeer in London. During the summer months, one can purchase a frozen Butterbeer; whereas in the frigid winter it can be bought warm. But drinks is not all that there is to offer -- for just a handful of Sickles, some Butterbeer-flavoured fudge, potted cream, or ice cream can be enjoyed.
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