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Default Paradise Piercings and Tattoos

Located smack in the middle of Diagon Alley’s North Side, Paradise Piercings & Tattoos is the place to be if you're in need of some ink, a little bit of bling, or just a taste of paradise! The shop’s theme is evident just from the exterior. A brightly painted wooden sign in the shape of a toucan hangs over the door, bearing the shop’s name. The large glass window to the right of the door boasts a display of t-shirts, hats, and other merchandise against a backdrop of tattoo designs. Every so often, a sign announcing a sale will be placed in the window.

Soothing wind chimes hung over the door sound as customers walk inside. The left wall is covered by a mural of a relaxing island scene, painted by former shopkeeper Dory Dane; this side of the shop houses the lounge area. A long sofa and a few tasteful armchairs line the wall, and several plastic baobab and gum acacia flowers complete the atmosphere. Customers relaxing in the lounge are invited to enjoy a tropical fruit-flavored soda or juice from the soda machine near the back of the shop for only a sickle; one more sickle buys a song from the adjacent jukebox. The right wall is painted a warm sandy brown color to complement the mural and lined with shelves bearing hats, bags, and apparel in a rainbow of colors, all charmed to fit people of all shapes and sizes. Near the shelves are two revolving racks stocked with an assortment of colorful jewelry. The more expensive jewelry pieces are housed in a glass case between the racks. Don't even think about stealing! All merchandise is equiped with a caterwauling charm, lest anyone get any ideas!

The tattoo parlor is behind a marked door at the back of the shop. Customers purchasing a tattoo or piercing will be greeted by tropical music and a calming oceanscape mural upon entering. In the middle of the room is an elevated chair for the customers and a smaller swivel chair for the shopkeeper; all supplies for tattooing and piercings are kept in a tall rolling cart at the far side of the parlor. Next to the tattoo parlor door is a sleek mahogany counter. Sitting atop the counter is a simple cash register, bell, and a book of tattoo designs courtesy of shopkeeper Vitani Kama. Along the wall behind the counter hangs a collection of masks owned by the current shopkeeper. Please note that the masks are decorations only and are NOT for sale. If you don’t see the shopkeeper out and about, push the bell, and she’ll be with you soon!

Text Cut: Inventory
(Customers must be 17 + to purchase or 16 with parental permission)

Standard Tattoo - Black: 15 galleons, 3 sickles, 21 knuts | Color: 19 galleons, 11 knuts

Chakra Tattoos (warns wearer of impending danger; typically worn on back of neck or center of forehead) - 21 galleons, 5 sickles, 5 knuts

Conscience Tattoo (black tattoo that burns when wearer does something morally wrong)- 21 galleons, 5 sickles, 5 knuts

Lumos Tattoo (glows in the dark) - 21 galleons, 5 sickles, 5 knuts

Moving Tattoos(moves all over body, regardless of inking location; sensitive to touch and emotion) - 24 galleons, 5 sickles, 27 knuts

"Wearable Compass" Tattoo - 26 galleons, 10 sickles, 21 knuts

Time-Telling Tattoo (keeps time up to the millisecond; automatically adjusts to timezones)- 30 galleons, 7 sickles, 12 knuts

Sphinx Tattoo (tattoo containing a riddle or puzzle) - 32 galleons, 12 sickles, 6 knuts

Large Tattoo - 34 galleons, 4 sickles, 2 knuts

(Prices include 1 piece of jewelry to be inserted into piercing location. Customers 15 and under must have parental permission)

Ears – 4 galleons, 9 sickles, 18 knuts
Noses – 6 galleons, 14 sickle, 12 knuts
Eyebrows – 7 galleons, 10 sickle, 11 knuts
Navels – 9 galleons, 15 sickles, 5 knuts

Jewelry & Apparel

Temporary Tattoos - 12 sickles, 28 knuts
Rings - (plain) 1 galleon, 1 sickle, 4 knuts; (with stone) 1 galleon, 8 sickles, 26 knuts
Bracelets - (beaded, woven, or plastic) 1 galleon, 14 sickles, 2 knuts; (metal or gem) 2 galleons, 4 sickles, 24 knuts
Necklaces - (beaded or woven) 2 galleons, 12 sickles, 17 knuts; (metal or gem) 3 galleons, 5 sickles, 27 knuts
Earrings - 2 galleons, 7 sickles, 12 knuts (pair); 1 galleon, 6 sickles, 9 knuts (individual)
T-shirts – 3 galleons, 13 sickles, 20 knuts
Hooded sweatshirts - 4 galleons, 9 sickles, 18 knuts
Bags - 3 galleons, 22 knuts.
Hats - 2 galleons, 2 sickles, 7 knuts

*NEW!* DIY Kits
Design your own temporary tattoo kit - 1 galleon, 14 sickles, 2 knuts

Design your own jewelery kits:
Earrings - 2 galleons, 4 sickles, 24 knuts
Bracelet - 2 galleons, 12 sickles, 17 knuts
Necklace - 3 galleons, 11 sickles, 3 knuts

Design your own apparel kits:
Hat - 3 galleons, 3 sickles, 10 knuts
Bag - 3 galleons, 13 sickles, 20 knuts
T-shirt: 4 galleons, 7 sickles, 1 knut
This shop is NOT STAFFED and has a NPC shopkeeper.
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