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Default Street Vendors

Though numerous street peddlers line the streets of Diagon Alley, customers would be wise to be wary of them. Any number of items can be found hawked on the streets daily, many useless and some illegal. One might be able to buy a cheaper wand, running the risk of it exploding during use. Bottoms have been known to fall out of the defective cauldrons bought from one of the carts. Not all is bad, though. Discounted jewelry can be bought, though the gold or gems may not be pure. One some days, a hag comes through with a cart of wind-chimes, some proclaimed to warn of burglars. Often, knick-knacks and small décor can be found in various carts. Be warned, though – sometimes the items being sold have been stolen from others.

Beyond item hawkers, various stalls are set up selling street food. Try a Cauldron Bread (a bread bowl carved out with soup or chowder served inside), stop by and grab some skewers/kebabs to go, hit up the Confetti Popcorn (the fizzy popcorn is supposedly made with real Muggle soda and fizzes in your mouth; dill pickle flavored even crunches like a pickle; berry flavored popcorn actually has dried cranberries, which goes well with the raspberry, blackberry and strawberry flavored popcorn). If you’re looking for a quick snack, the streets have enough.
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