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Default Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment

Located in Diagon Alley’s North Side, Wiseacres prides itself in bringing you only the best equipment at a price no one can beat. The shop's name is emblazoned in gold letters on the large glass window to the left of the double doors. The window is home to a display of merchandise ranging from floo powder to fanged frisbees, star charts to sneakoscopes. In the middle of the display sits an advertising blackboard that every so often announces a sale.

Despite the wide array of products available, the interior of the shop is neatly organized. Upon walking in, the first things quests will notice is a display of telescopes ideal for Hogwarts students located just to the right of the doors. Maps and star/moon charts are rolled up and stacked on a rack beside the display. Games are displayed on a table toward the middle of the shop; concealers and detectors are shelved along the left wall. Several dark wood shelving units line the rest of the floor space. Each aisle is clearly marked with the type of merchandise it contains.

When you finish shopping, please make your way to the counter at the back of the shop. Here you can check out, inquire about gift wrapping or other services offered, and purchase breakable or expensive objects, such as rememberalls, hourglasses, crystal balls, and invisibility cloaks, kept in a locked glass cabinet behind the counter. In the market for a flying carpet? Those are kept behind a locked door next to the counter; only the shopkeeper can open it. Should anyone try to enter the showroom without permission, a caterwauling charm will sound. If you need help finding anything, the shopkeeper will be happy to assist!

Text Cut: Inventory
Concealers & Detectors

Invisibility Cloaks: 9 galleons, 16 sickles, 21 knuts
Deluminator (Put-Outer): 6 galleons, 4 sickles, 3 knuts
Invisibility Booster: 2 galleons, 5 sickles, 23 knuts
Probity Probe: 4 galleons, 6 sickles, 8 knuts
Remembrall: 2 galleons, 9 sickles, 22 knuts
Revealer: 1 galleon, 3 sickles
Secrecy Sensor: 5 galleons, 7 sickles, 24 knuts
Sneakoscope: 3 galleons, 16 sickles, 19 knuts
Anti-Burglary Buzzer: 2 galleons, 3 sickles


Gobstones: 2 galleons, 1 sickle, 24 knuts
Self-Shuffling Playing Cards: 14 sickles, 17 knuts
Wizard's Chess: 3 galleons, 6 sickles
Exploding Snap: 14 sickles, 17 knuts
Fanged Frisbee: 1 galleon, 7 knuts

Communication & Charts

Howler: 1 galleon
Enchanted Coins: 2 galleons, 3 sickles
Advertising Blackboard: 1 galleon, 9 sickles, 16 knuts
Mappa Mundi - 9 sickles, 9 knuts
Star chart - 6 sickles, 19 knuts
Moon chart - 6 sickles, 19 knuts


Magical Trunk: 3 galleons, 2 sickles, 2 knuts
Pensieve: 5 galleons, 9 sickles
Mokeskin pouch: 2 galleons
Seven-Lock Trunk: 4 galleons, 6 sickles, 8 knuts

Transportation, Timepieces, & Tools

Floo Powder: 1 galleon, 4 sickles, 7 knuts (a pound)
Flying Carpets: (Starting at) 9 galleons*
Customizable Clocks (Weasley's Clock): 6 galleons, 2 sickles**
Abacus: 2 galleons
Lunarscope: 3 galleons, 2 sickles, 2 knuts
Magical Camera: 3 galleons, 15 sickles, 9 knuts
Everlasting Candles: 7 sickles, 28 knuts
Enchanted Candles: 7 sickles, 28 knuts
Crystal Balls: 4 galleons, 12 sickles
Telescopes: 6 galleons, 4 sickles, 3 knuts*
Hourglasses: 4 galleons, 4 sickles, 27 knuts*
Floating Lantern: 2 galleons
Omnioculars: 1 galleon, 13 sickles, 15 knuts
Spellotape: 12 sickles 18 knuts


Picture Development: 8 sickles per picture
Gift Wrapping: 2 sickles, 19 knuts
Equipment Repair: starts at 1 galleon, 15 sickles, 16 knuts (price depends on size of object & time to complete repairs)

*Multiple colors/shapes/designs available
**extra charge for customization

This shop is Staffed by Ethan Howland (siriusblackliveson)
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