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Default King's Cross Station

Clean and sleek, King's Cross Station is one of the main train stations that serves both Muggles and wizardkind. The interior of the London station is exactly what you would expect. Within the Western Concourse are a variety of shops and restaurants (various clothing chains and coffee shops, a ready-made sandwich place, and a small market), so there is no need to leave the station without grabbing any last-minute necessities or a bite to eat. Just make you are using Muggle money when purchasing items, and definitely do not whip your wand out.

Magically concealed between Platforms 9 and 10, Platform 9 is famously known for housing the Hogwarts Express and taking students to and from school in September and June. As you walk buy, the occasional Muggle will turn their head but will think nothing of it. If you're departing for school, walk through the barrier, say goodbye to your family, and board the train -- it leaves at 11 AM sharp! If you're arriving from school, wait your turn to leave the platform so that the Muggles don't get too suspicious of there being an influx of people departing the station.

Platform 9 isn't the only wizarding platform available, however. In between Platforms 7 and 8 lies Platform 7, which is used to transport wizards and witches to magical locations scattered throughout continental Europe. There are, of course, other platforms, though they are typically opened on an as-required-basis for one-off events that lure large masses of people into London.

OOC: In addition to the Muggle areas of King's Cross, character interactions on the wizarding train platforms can be posted here.
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