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The quaint village of Godric's Hollow can be found in the West Country of England. It is a small community, yet it is famous location for a variety of reasons as it has been inhabited by a number of notable wizards and witches -- Godric Gryffindor, Ignotus Peverell, Bowman Wright, Bathilda Bagshot, the Dumbledores, and the Potters all were known to have lived there. While home of a relatively large number of wizarding families, public displays of magic are still prohibited to avoid disturbing the aloof Muggles that also reside in the village.

A narrow road leads to the centre of the village, with look-a-like cottages on either side of it. In the centre of the hollow lies the village square featuring a war memorial that, for wizardkind, transforms into a statue of James, Lily, and young Harry Potter. A post office, pub and inn, and various little shops surround the square, bringing the village a source of income. Located close to the village square stands St. Jerome's Church, which has an accompanying graveyard (rumoured to be haunted) that contains the graves of Muggle and prominent wizarding families.

Besides the statue in the village square, Bathilda Bagshot's home and the Potter cottage are major wizarding landmarks. Bagshot's home has been restored and turned into a museum that wizards and witches can tour and purchase her esteemed books. Down the street from Bagshot's home at the edge of the village is the Potter's two-story cottage, which still remains in its ruined state.
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