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Rubbing a hand over his tired face, like that made any difference whatsoever with regards to feeling more awake, or more prepared for whatever situation he now had to deal with - and, really, he'd take on another battle single-handed than accept what he feared might be coming - Jake took a bracing breath. And then... did nothing. Just needed a moment, that was all. For more bracing. Fortifying.

Hearing footsteps, Jake turned in time for the arrival of Vivi James, Senior Auror. For a moment, he didn't know what to say. Uncharacteristic, generally speaking, and yet it seemed to be happening more and more today. Family matters had the unique ability to vanish the words from right out of him. Today, more than ever, it was probably clear he'd been wildly mis-cast in the role of parent.

But this was Jake Upstead, and speechlessness never really lasted. "I take it that means I heard right," he said, grim but unflinching. "He's in here?"
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