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Peggy was not here to exercise herself.

No, she'd been cautioned to "take it easy" for at least another few weeks, by the healers. Lightning to the arm was not something to take lightly, or so she'd been told. And it was still somewhat tingly when she tried to do too complicated of spells, given it was her wand arm that had gotten the brunt of the spell's effects. Still, she had managed to get back on her feet more quickly than some others, like the minister. But, for those whose battle wounds were emotional rather than physical, she wanted to do something to help.

After a brief moment surveying the room and all the fitness equipment, she decided she definitely would be rearranging it to provide more open space. For meditation, or stretching. Or a nap. Whatever a ministry employee might need. Low-impact fitness activities, or something. Really she was just looking for a distraction from trying to find a new Gobstones Division Manager after Milo's...confirmed death. Rearranging the fitness room seemed like a good distraction.

Wand in her unzapped, non-dominant hand, she awkwardly flicked it at the elliptical machines, using a bit of nonverbal levitation to align them in a single row, slightly closer to each other, and slightly closer to the entrance. Then she walked around the room some, trying to decipher the best layout to have the most open space.

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