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The End-of-Term Feast brought about a strange feeling for Avalon. One of sadness, but also one of hope. In the midst of the crumbled castle and long faces in the Great Hall were glimmers of brightness. For one, she was no longer stuck in the Room. And her friends were still here. And best of all, The Neo-Alliance had been defeated.

With as much evil as she saw during the battle, Avalon had witnessed moments that renewed her faith in wizardkind. People flocking from all over to fight for the school and make a stand. Strangers tending to each other's wounds. Her professors and classmates all banding together. It made Avalon feel all the more thankful for her friendships.

Which was why, as she made her way to the Ravenclaw table, she immediately sat down next to Ashley and Claudine, giving them both a big hug. "Can we please have a term where we aren't attending the last feast all battered and bruised?" she said jokingly, nudging the second year with her elbow. Last year, the two of them had been recovering from their possession thanks to creepy old Sylvester. Now, they were recovering from war. Could the students at Hogwarts ever catch a break?

Avalon was glad that Claudine had stopped to chat with the Ravenclaws, and it reminded her to pay a visit to the other tables herself at some point. Aboli, Minjae....there were quite a few people she wanted to talk to.

She gave a nod to her fellow eagles (Kaira and Ivy). They had gotten through it, together. And for that, she was grateful.
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