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Eight months or so…

He tugged on his hair a little. ”Ein baby…” he said repeating the words. He was going to have a baby. A baby with Zita. The idea both thrilled and terrified him. He could hardly take care of himself, how as he going to take care another little tiny human being? Why would Zita even want to have a baby with him? He was a train wreck most of the time…

And then heard the fear in Zita’s voice and he snapped out of it. She certainly didn’t sound too happy about it, but he had learned that with Zita sometimes what you got on the surface wasn’t what the real Zita was thinking and showing. ”Ein baby…” he repeated as a big smile started to creep across his face. Then he started laughing. Only he wasn’t entirely sure of why he was laughing. ”Sita, zis is not a choke to get me to agree to a larger house is it?” he asked sarcastically.

But before she could answer, he was reaching for her to give her a big hug. ”Ein baby!” He started laughing again. ”Oh Sita! Das sind wundervolle Neuigkeiten.” (This is wonderful new.) ”Ve are hafing a baby!” he exclaimed loudly.
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