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He didn't hear the spell coming his way, didn't see the minister raise his wand in his direction. It all came back to him in disturbing flashes. His parents. The failure of the wizarding system. The audacity of muggles....prancing about...

Lucien had no time to react before he was thrust backward with enough force to to crack just about every bone in his back as he crashed against a burning pillar on the edge of the courtyard. The wind entirely knocked out of him, the man's vision began to blur and his chest heaved with much effort to get in a breath in this smoke filled area of the school.

Blood came with each cough.

His vision, the better world he wanted for all, it was all fleeting. The dream was fast falling through his fingers like sand on the beach he would visit upon a time with his family in his young years.

It was almost laughable.

The man groaned, making every effort to rise to his feet. The cracking sound that came from behind was not heard until it was too late.
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