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Default Scottie Ferguson and Regina Amstern are here too
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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Truth be told, Jade Flamsteed hadn't the foggiest idea what she was doing here. In a literally in the moment sense of the phrase. It was not as though she had completely blocked or otherwise fazed out the events from hearing the Minister's broadcast to her arrival at Hogwarts. It had been a rash and completely irrational decision, leaving Apricot and Coconut with one of her trusted neighbors and taking flight to Hogwarts. She was not a fighter. If anything she was a strategist but there was hardly time for any of that considering how entirely last minute and NOW the Minister's alarm had been.

Gryffindors, honestly. They were absolutely impossible sorts.

Jade was organized and so obsessively so that sometimes her precision rivaled her cousin's...who was here somewhere, she was certain of that. Her sister was here as well and best be keeping herself alive. There was no way that June would be leaving Jade with a flat full of vines - it was actually those vines that had been her final push out the door. Almost literally. Sentient flora about the flat was an eerie inconvenience. And then there was William, the handsome buffoon of a man, who had also crossed her mind as she fixed her bag and headed over. He had best made good on his promise to keep an eye on her abrasively spunky "nephews." They were both entirely too much like their father.

They all needed to be alive. That was not a request.

But what was she doing here. Yes, she knew how to take care of the occassional boo-boo now and then...but she was no healer. What purpose did she have here if she could not hold her own in a duel and she could not perform necessary duties as a healer? She had found herself somewhat of a niche, playing to her strengths of organization, and keeping some of the aesthetic of the Great Hall arranged for the ease of accessibility the wounded and able limbed alike. With so many bodies coming in and out and hustling around, it was impractical to summon items to a person without collision and a healer who had to escort the wounded to a place to rest was one less healer able to take care of another patient. She felt like this was a hundred steps back for her, reminding her entirely too much of the days she was employed as a secretary and her sole duty to be to fetch the higher ups coffee or fresh ink when they ran out. Humiliating work, truly. At least this felt like...she was making an impact. Humble and minor as it may be.

Thankfully she had worn very practical shoes today, her favorite pair of running trainers in emerald green and a swish of lime.

Darting across with a bowl of warm water doctored with some medical herbs and clean cloths soaking in the liquid, Jade's eyes glanced over each of the fallen and injured...finding both relief and dread in not seeing a face she recognized. It felt like she could not afford to take a breath. Setting things down, she wiped her brow and spoke rapidly on an exasperated exhale to the healer nearest her. "Is there anything else I can fetch for you?"
Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Merlin, it tore her apart to see Scott like this. And it didn't help that despite the Alliance's dwindling numbers, they were still flinging spells with reckless abandon.

After a quick and determined Protego Maxima to deflect a couple stunning spells that had flown their way, Regina nodded. "Yes, of course!" Of course she would help. She'd do whatever she could, no smelly animals necessary. So she flicked her wand at Scott too to help levitate him, trying to be gentle and careful.

Somehow, and don't ask him how, but someday he would look back on this and think that he dragged himself here when in reality he limped and levitated this lightning-struck man along with him.

He also had help, though, from the man's.... girlfriend??!?

William eyed her for a moment as he found a spot to slowly lower his levitation spell, promising to the woman that he'd, "Be right back." The thing was that SOMEONE had caught his eye and he needed, he HAD to go talk to her.

So he once again draaaaaaaagged himself way, this time heading for a dark-haired beauty talking to another healer. "You can fetch me a latte with foam on it, NOT frozen, please." Heh, was that too much to ask? He nearly collapsed just with relief at seeing Jade, though, and the pup under his arm let out a yap of glee for the familiar face too. HI, JADE, HI, was what April said.
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