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"Of course I'm happy how we are." She turned from him feeling like her emotions were going to get the best of her. She didn't know how to say what she knew she needed to spell out. She was feeling so excited and now, she was just nervous, she didn't know how he was going to react after listening to his words. Turning back she took his hand, "No, Adam, not future. We are going to need the room in about eight or so months. We are going to be having a baby."

Did he get it now? She could care less about any of the rest that he was going on about. Well if she was honest she did care, but she wouldn't say she did. Zita Valla married with kids? No, way, at least she barely could believe it so how would anyone else. Not the Zita everyone else knew, not the Zita that cared more about herself than anyone else. That was the fake Z that everyone had known, the true Z cared about everything from what people thought to what she was going through now.

She looked at Adam with curiosity and fear. "I know it wasn't planned, but I am happy about it and I hope you will be to."
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