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Three rooms? He was quite certain they couldn’t afford a three bedroom place. That storage closet would work just fine. He would just put an extension charm on it, like he had with the space he used in his studio apartment. Besides once he figured out his wolfsbane modifications, he had been thinking of giving up home brewing. Zita was more important to him and he didn’t want to present her with any temptations. Then again, she’d been doing really well. Maybe he didn’t need to give…

Wait… WHAT?!

He wasn’t sure he’d heard her correctly, let alone if he understood what she was implying. His heart pounded in his ears and he seemed to lose sensation in his hands. The last time he had felt like this he’d been floating towards an exploding star that wanted to eat him. Oddly, the sentiments of that moment seemed to echo through his head now. He turned around slowly. They had never talked about marriage or babies. Heck, it had taken him long enough to merely ask her to move in with him (and don’t even bring up how long it took him make it clear he wanted to be her boyfriend). ”You mean ... in ze future, ja?” he said slowly. Then as if matching the confused, somewhat startled beating of his heart, he started speaking rapidly. ”You nefer said anyzing about kinder (children). Do you vant kinder? You vant kinder mitt me? I do not efen know if I vould a good vater. You! You vould be a great mutter, but me? I do not…. Undt marriage! Ve haf not efen talked about... I do not efen know how you feel about marriage. Do you vant to marry? Do you vant to marry me? Or are you happy how ve are? Kinder!” he repeated, more confused than angry as a hand slid into his hair. He really didn’t expect her to answer any of the questions he had just sputtered out. He just hadn’t been able to shut up.
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