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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

How Connor had lived with the guilt everyday, only he knew. Yes, Addison had known how he felt and had reassured him that they had done the right thing. Still, he hadn’t liked the rift it had caused between her and her parents, and even between him and her parents. Over time, the feeling had eased though. Connor nodded in agreement. Indeed they had accomplished quite a bit. And they got along so well in terms of living together that it was silly for him to not suggest that they make the arrangement more official via an engagement.

The young man laughed, reliving the memories of his and Addison’s disastrous attempts at cooking when they first moved in together. It was safe to say that they had come a long way. Truthfully, he was so proud of himself. “Pasta it is,’’ Con said, bringing Addi’s hand to his lips. He kissed then released it. “Cheesy pasta for the lady coming right up.” He bounced up to fix her a plate. Con knew he was stalling but he couldn’t help it. The nerves were so much that all of his attention was focused on not dropping the plate.

Somehow, Con survived that bit and managed to set a steaming plate of pasta before his girlfriend, complete with two breadsticks. “And what shall the lady like to drink?”
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