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SPOILER!!: Kalen!
Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
Text Cut: Brody
QUOTE=FearlessLeader19;12488756]Brody Hawthorne didn’t exactly fit in as a Coordinator in the aspect of his job requiring to smile all the darn time. People annoyed him majorly, even if he socialised a lot; just as long as they weren’t stupid people. But he certainly was helpful. No one who came to this Department could ever complain to Mr. Singh-Phora about him being unhelpful. Ambitious Brody aimed to make sure his record on this matter stayed clean.

At the moment, it was quiet on Level five and having brought his pending work up to date, a Spanish dictionary and his notebook were spread over his desk. His aim? To translate a few paragraphs from English to Spanish. It was homework given to him by his language tutor.

There was a frown plastered on his face as he poured over the words.

Kalen was usually a happy-go-lucky-confident-nerd. However, today his normally happy face was plastered with a frustrated frown. The frown had increased the moment he went through Security because now he had a big name-tag on that read "Kalen Weiland - Half-blood, USA VISA." Which was why he was here on Level 5. His work VISA had been revoked and he wasn't sure why. After all he was employed by the Ministry itself. Indirectly of course, but still.

"Ermm.... e-e-xcuse me," he said stuttering a bit for no apparently reason as he rested an arm on the manned desk in the middle of the room. Most people had taken one look at his name-tag and ignored him for some reason. He was tired and he was frustrated and he just wanted to know about his VISA status. Was his school VISA going to be revoked next? "I need to talk to someone about my VISA."

Brody long ago decided that languages were complicated. Still, the fact didn’t detour him; rather, it made him more determined to learn it all. The earlier frown was at least gone for now, a sure sign that his translations were going well. It would just have to be resumed as he was interrupted by someone clearly frazzled. The twenty year old knew he reserved no right to be annoyed because even though all current work had been caught up on, he was still doing his homework on the Ministry’s time.

He set down his pen to give Kalen Weiland his full attention. Even so, his eyes eyed that stupid name tag they were all forced to wear. Who cared if this handsome, young thing before him was a half blood? Ah, this was a visa issue. Brody knew this was where the Immigration Office was needed. But first…

“I can get someone to assist but do you need some time to pull yourself together?” Because if Kalen went on to speak with one of the Officers and not be able to properly explain himself, then the procedure could take longer.

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